Monday, July 10, 2017

summer beauty must-haves!

A lot of you have asked for my entire beauty routine on Instagram lately... and I promise it's coming soon!  In the meantime I have some of my summer beauty must-haves that I think you will love!  Summer beauty comes with it's own particular challenges like blocking sun, showing more skin, resisting the need to wash your hair for as long as possible and hiding how those late nights are finally catching up to you.  No?  Here are some of my basics that make my summer beauty routine painless!

Andalou BB Cream... I've mentioned it before but I am NO whiz when it comes to makeup, I need a one and done type product to get the job done. I absolutely LOVE this Andalou BB Cream, with built-in SPF. It not only protects my skin but evens it out and gives me a great glow to go through my day.  Plus, it's on the natural side, so that's always good.  If it's particularly hot or my face is feeling a little on the greasy side I skip my moisturizer and go straight for this instead of both steps.  Plus at under $20, the price is right!

Schmidt's Rose & Vanilla Deodorant... my path with "all natural" deodorant has been a long and winding adventure.  It's hard to know where to start when it comes to all natural deodorants and while I still use antiperspirant from time to time I am mostly using Schmidt's these days.  Yes, you still sweat... but after a while you won't smell anymore (well, unless you just walked out of hot yoga... nothing protects against hot yoga).  I've tried the Lavender and the Rose and the Rose is by far my favorite.  If you want to chat more about all natural deodorants, chime in down in the comments... because I've been around the block a few times with it all!

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo... so far the BEST dry shampoo I have used and it smells AMAZING!  Plus it's hard to find a dry shampoo that works for brunettes... as long as you don't go overboard this won't leave a residue.  And really a little goes a long way!  I also love this product that isn't technically a dry shampoo but acts like one!

Aveda Smooth Infusion... this is a great hair smoother for humid days and seems to help my hair blow dry faster (so necessary in the summer!).  I love that it leaves my hair smooth and frizz free.

Honest Organic Body Oil... technically this is for babies, but my skin gets SO dry in the summer and with my arms and legs showing more often I need serious moisturizing!  I love this scent free option that is lightweight but ultra moisturizing.  I try to get this on my kids' arms and legs too in the summer before bed too.  

Sugar Rose Lip Treatment... my lips are always getting sunburnt in the summer and I don't love the coconut oil based lip sunscreens that just seem to melt away.  This stuff has staying power AND SPF. Win!  Plus it smells great!

What are some of your summer beauty must-haves? I would love to know! Or feel free to chat up your struggles and successes with natural deodorant in the comments!

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